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Developed by Morten Mørup


Load File

Load an ERPWAVELAB file. A browser opens enabling you to select the desired file to open.

Load Directory

Opens a browser to select a directory. All files in the selected directory will be loaded into ERPWAVELAB.

Create ERPWAVELAB file

From EEGLAB (CURRENTSET): Generates an ERPWAVELAB file from the CURRENTSET in EEGLAB. Notice, ERPWAVELAB requires the data has been epoched and the channel locations specified (see EEGLAB for details on how to specify channel locations and epoching data).  A window opens enabling the user to specify how the ERPWAVELAB file is to be generated. Notice, it is possible to define other wavelets than the complex morlet. If you get ’Out of Memory’ problems when generating the ERPWAVELAB file click here.


ERPWAVELAB (Current measure): Generates an ERPWAVELAB file from the measure currently displayed in the ERPWAVELAB montage plot. This is useful  when the same measure is inspected many times, since the measure doesn’t need to be recalculated. Since the generated file is much smaller than the full file with all epochs, this is also useful for reducing the RAM usage.


ERPWAVELAB (Current ROI) Generates a new ERPWAVELAB dataset containing only the current region of interest (ROI). This functionality is useful to reduce ram usage as well as speeding up computation time since the new dataset has a smaller size.

Save Session

Saves the current session as a .ses file. This is especially useful when many files from different locations have been loaded into ERPWAVELAB. Notice, only the file paths are stored, not the data. Thus, to load the session the datasets have to remain at the same location for the session to be reloaded.

Load Session

Loads the session specified by the file of type .ses (see save session’ above) by appending the files loaded in the session saved to the files currently present. Consequently, several sessions can be loaded such that all files of each session are available in the file browser.