Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Developed by Morten Mørup


The MATLAB prompt shows
‘Out of Memory’

Running out of RAM is a typical problem in ERPWAVELAB. Luckily there are a number of ways to solve this issue. Click here to see how.

How can I access the various plot functions outside ERPWAVELAB

ERPWAVELAB provides a number of plot functions. While the topographical plots are provided by EEGLAB using the functions:

Topoplot and Headplot

a documentation for the plotting functions provided by ERPWAVELAB can be found in the library:


The functions provided are:

montageplot        -    function giving the plot showed in the  


topmontageplot   -    function giving the topographical   


plotcoh                -    function plotting the recorded cross    

plotNMF             -    function plotting the NMF decomposition

plotallcond          -    function plotting the 3-way  
                                 decomposition results

plotallcond2        -    function plotting the multi-subject NMF 
                                  analysis of ch x fr-time x subj/cond

plotcore               -    function plotting the core Array of a   
                                 TUCKER decomposiiton

How can I access the various decomposition functions outside ERPWAVELAB

The algorithm for PARAFAC decomposition is given in:


While the algorithm for the TUCKER decomposition is given in :


For some reason I can’t analyze  multiple datasets

Your datasets have to have the same number of channels, time and frequency points.

How can I analyze the ERPWAVELAB data files outside ERPWAVELAB

The ERPWAVELAB files are regular .mat files. Consequently, they can be loaded by the MATLAB load command. For a detail of  the dataset structure click here.


For some reason the datasets won’t load

The path to the EEGLAB plotting functions headplot.m and topoplot.m has to be given. Either set the paths in MATLAB or make sure EEGLAB is running.

How can I use my own wavelet

In ERPWAVELAB you can easily add your own wavelets. To learn how click here.